Liuye Electromechanical Construction of Dongguang 8000 Ton Aluminum Sheet Stretching Production Line
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After more than 8 months of installation and construction and nearly 20 days of commissioning and operation, the 8,000-ton aluminum sheet stretching machine production line of Northeast Ligh..........
After more than 8 months of installation and construction and nearly 20 days of commissioning and operation, the 8,000-ton aluminum sheet stretching machine production line of Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd., which was built by Liuye Electromechanical Co., Ltd., was successfully loaded with a one-time load test.

Join forces to create greater glories

Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. is known as “the cradle of China's aluminum-magnesium processing industry and the silver pillar of the motherland”. It is the first aluminum-magnesium alloy processing enterprise in China, and has created countless firsts in the history of aluminum processing in China. The start and development of the national defense industry has made outstanding contributions. In order to improve the industrial chain of the company and enhance the market competitiveness of the products, Dongqing Company invested 100 million yuan to build a production line of 8,000 tons of aluminum sheet stretching machine. The production line is a large aluminum plate stretching equipment tailored by the Italian DANIELI Group for the East Light Company. It adopts the international advanced breaking belt protection system. The tensile straightening thickness is 8~250mm and the length is 9000~25000. Aluminum sheets of various specifications within millimeters can meet the different needs of many industries, and will play an active role in promoting Dongfeng Company's further development of domestic and foreign markets.

The project is also the key project of Dongguang Company, which was undertaken by Liuye for the third time. Previously, the two-roller production line of 3,950 mm in the north line and 2,100 mm in the south line of the “Ultra-Special Special Aluminum Alloy Sheet and Strip” technical transformation project of Dongguang Company was built by Liuye, with more than 50 years of rich construction experience and strong technology. Strength, the construction team conquered the technical difficulties of the layers, completed the installation tasks of the two key projects of the East Light Company, and made great contributions to the construction and development of the East Light Company. Based on the outstanding performance of Liuye in the previous two constructions, Dongqing Company finally handed over the construction task of the 8000-ton aluminum sheet stretching machine production line to Liuye, and the two companies realized re-cooperation.

Sign the military order

On September 25, 2014, Liuye Electromechanical Co., Ltd. and Dongqing Company signed a military order with a construction period of 240 days. “In the early stage of the project, we have been preparing for two months, but the equipment for the stretching head has been delayed.” Zou Xianzheng, project manager, said. This can be anxious to the technicians present. Zou Xianzheng waits with the workers at the work site every day, and sees the technical staff's impatience and calmly said: "I know that everyone is in a hurry, I am also anxious, but we must stabilize our mood and work in the early stage. We will do well, and when the equipment arrives, we will strive for a successful test run.” The technicians adjusted their mentality after listening and did a good job. On March 1, 2015, the stretching head equipment finally arrived. "At this time, I received a call from Party A Dongguang Company. Now I have already started to have an order. Party A is very anxious." Zou Xianzheng said nervously, what to do. ? "We started to implement two shifts, one batch during the day and one batch at night." Zou Xianzheng introduced the situation at the scene. In order to increase the efficiency, the original set of auger tensioners has been added to two sets. The “alternate employees” are inspected on the spot every day. The materials, equipment and parts are available at any time and can be replenished at any time.

The 20,000-ton tensile unit 620-ton tensile head lifting and docking is an unprecedented project of the electromechanical company in the process of large-scale hoisting construction. Due to the limited space on site, cranes could not be used. According to the actual situation on site, the technicians agreed to lay a 500-ton gantry crane track foundation for civil construction, and to produce two hoisting beams of 500 tons of hydraulic gantry cranes with a length of 15 meters and a single weight of 13 tons. Make two 60 mm thick single 12 ton rotating platforms. This problem has just been solved, and new problems have come again. In the past hoisting operations, such weight-weight equipment has never been hoisted, 200 tons per piece, 2 pieces of C-shaped board, 320 tons of single piece, 2 pieces of box, It is also necessary to complete the 180° rotation of the C-shaped plate in such a small venue. One of the masters at the scene said that this is a new challenge for Liuye. "This one large tonnage of equipment is really a headache for our technicians." The project department personnel and Party A communicated and coordinated through multiple parties, rationally utilized the site layout design, and accurately installed and completed the lifting and docking of the C-shaped board and the box.

The project department has done a lot of coordination work in the deployment of personnel. Where needs people, other construction sites will provide timely support when conditions permit, and will not delay the obstacles. The safety mobilization meeting on Monday is the top priority of the project department. Near the hazard source, the project department has set up prominent safety warning signs according to regulations. Construction materials, flammable and explosive materials are placed in designated locations, and the tools are on time. Maintenance, equipment maintenance on a regular basis. When entering the scene, everyone will consciously wear the overalls and fasten the helmet. Every day after work, everyone will habitually recycle tools and deal with construction waste in a timely manner. Hard work pays off, 4 months of tasks, the project department hoisted and installed the stretching head in two months, marking that the six metallurgy in the "low space, large tonnage" technology has a new Steps.

The military medal has half of me and half of you.

In the past few days, the project department has been working late, and the technicians of Dongqing Company have not been idle. Once, it was already 11 o'clock in the evening. The site was in need of an accessory. The project department of Dongqing Company immediately sent the accessories to the site, and the project went smoothly. In addition, on the premise of not affecting normal production, on-site hydropower and lifting equipment ensure the construction of the project is preferred; at the same time, Dongqing Company actively communicates with the manufacturers to obtain timely arrival of equipment and does not affect normal construction nodes.

There are times when there is cooperation and there is controversy. The hoisting project department has been preparing for two months, and the solutions have been listed for the problems that can be conceived and how to solve them. As soon as the equipment entered the scene, the two sides had an argument because the ground could not bear the weight. "We have to quickly come up with a solution, and we can't delay the construction period." The words of the on-site technicians ended the debate. The emotions of the red-faced reds were gradually calming down. "We have mechanical equipment, and you have to work hard to solve them together." The company's project department staff quickly gave a solution and worked together to solve the problem.

The successful completion of the project and the production of qualified products are inseparable from the efforts of the Liuye Electromechanical Project Department and the instinct of Dongguang Company. With the joint efforts of both parties, the first piece of qualified aluminum sheet was successfully stretched at 10:00 on June 10.

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