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ACP 5080(R)S

for Vacuum Chamber Applications

On the base of EN AW 5083 aluminum cast alloy, alimex developed a top quality cast material for

the most challenging and critical applications of innovative, high-end industries like the

Electronics, Semiconductor, Solar and Display Panel industry.

Through decades of practical application experience, continuous material research, development

and testing, ACP 5080(R)S provide good mechanical and physical properties as compared with

similar competitors’ cast and rolled aluminum plates.

Material excellence and superiority is achieved through the proprietary smelting, manufacturing,

processing and handling procedures and specifications employed in the production of this grade.


ACP 5080(R)S

for Vacuum Chamber Applications

Special features

• Especially homogenized

• Stress relieved

• Ultrasonic tested

• Reduced micro-porosity

• Tested by:

? Fraunhofer Institut für Chemische Technologie

? Forschungszentrum Julich (Outgasing test and Helium leak test)


ACP 5080(R)S

Outgassing Test

Description of the test:

Residual gas and outgassing measurements were performed on 3 casted aluminum plates (ACP 5080S).

Before measurements were made, the specimens were subjected to a cleaning procedure according

to FZJ-COSY specifications (10 min ultrasonic cleaning at 60 °C in hydrocarbon-free, alkaline

washing solution pH 8.5 – 9.0).

The investigations were performed on two specimen at room temperature, and for one specimen

the temperature was increased to 160 °C for 12 h during the measuring process. The curve of the

partial pressure against time was recorded for selected atomic masses (AMU). At the

beginning and end of these trend measurements, analogue measurements were

recorded for the entire measuring range (AMU 1 –200).

For measurement results please take a look at the attached Outgassing Test.


ACP 5080(R)S

Helium Leak Test

Description of the test:

On 5 plates casted from aluminum (ACP 5080S), long-term measurements of the helium-permeability,

according to the local vacuum method (DIN EN 1779 – A3), were carried out. A possible He-leakage

should be measured for 24 hours testing time.

Subsequently all testing parts are connected separately to the intake flange of the leak-detectorand

sealed with aluminum gaskets „Ultra-Dichtring“ from LEYBOLD (see draft, schematic test assembly,

attachment 1, fig 1 u. 2). From the inner diameter of the sealing ring a measuring area of A = 82²

mm² x π/4 = 5278 mm² is calculated. All objects were cleaned with alcohol before

testing. The measurements were carried out at a differential test pressure of

∆p = 1 bar and room temperature (~25°C).

For measurement results please take a look at the attached Helium Leak Test.