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Meijun Metals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 


Salary and benefits

1. Monthly salary: The company provides salary treatment with competitive advantages in the same industry.

2. Annual salary adjustment: Once a year, the company adjusts the salary of each employee according to individual performance and company operation status.

3. Performance bonus: The first-line employees implement the annual award mechanism, and the office staff implements the year-end award mechanism, depending on individual performance.


1. Social insurance: 4 insurance and one gold


1. The company implements a weekly break.

2. According to the national leave policy, the paid country will be given a holiday.


Transportation and accommodation:

1. The company provides commuter and overtime shuttles.

2. The company provides a standard working meal of 20 yuan

Work protection and labor protection supplies:

1. The company provides protective clothing such as work clothes, work hats, work shoes, protective glasses, masks and some first-aid supplies according to the post requirements.

2. The company advocates a 5S working environment. The factory area is spacious and bright, clean and tidy.

Training and self-improvement:

1. The company provides differentiated internal training and external training according to the background and experience background of each employee.

2. The company encourages employees to learn and improve themselves in their spare time. Reimbursement for exam leave and related study fees.