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Meijun Metals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

Value-added services

1, One-stop service

The company adopts the “one-stop” service of the project manager. If the customer has any problems, he only needs to contact the project manager directly to reduce the delay in processing the problem.

2. Risk sharing

The company has a wide range of strategic alliances abroad, which can be ordered from different manufacturers to avoid delays in orders due to a manufacturer's production schedule;

Our company establishes long-term and stable cooperative relations with different customers, and works with customers to develop stocking and digesting solutions.

3. Market forecast

The company timely notified the changes in production cycle and market price, assisting customers to extend contracts and increase reserves at appropriate times to avoid market risks.

4, After-sales service

We are always looking forward to your call and we will provide you with satisfactory service.