Dongqing Company's Packaging Division uses "Internet +" thinking to help market development
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Recently, Jia Baoliang, the head of the Production and Operation Section of the Packaging Division of Dongqing Company, just opened the morning meeting and rushed to the office computer and ..........
Recently, Jia Baoliang, the head of the Production and Operation Section of the Packaging Division of Dongqing Company, just opened the morning meeting and rushed to the office computer and released the photos of the first batch of boxes for Chinalco Shandong Co., Ltd. The Packaging Division has just been established on the website soon. Jia Baoliang is not only responsible for the daily production and operation of the business department, but also responsible for the update and maintenance of the website of the business department and the release of major events in the WeChat group. Today's Dongguang Packaging Division is not only satisfied with ensuring the demand for production containers in various units, but also using the technology and concept of "Internet +" to look at the broader market.

It is understood that since the implementation of market-oriented reforms by Dongqing Company, the Packaging Division has taken many reform measures, and the mental state and work efficiency of the workforce have been greatly improved, but the income of the business division is still relatively low. For the packaging business department, only by producing more products and producing more good products can it bring more income. Therefore, while satisfying the company's internal use of the box, the business unit began to explore the external market. However, from the actual situation of the business department, there are great limitations in terms of personnel, capital, and marketing channels. Therefore, the business department thought of network marketing with relatively low cost. Immediately after the implementation of the idea, the division immediately set up its own promotion page of the packaging division, and systematically classified the packaging division to the packaging boxes of each unit, and sent photos, business scope, contact information and other information to the package. On the webpage.

The webpage was just built, and the good news came. Hafei Company wants to customize a batch of equipment packaging boxes. Due to the special specifications, many suppliers can not find qualified suppliers, and the information of the business department is found online, and people are sent to contact. "Although we have not done this kind of packaging, but this is our first single external contract in the past few years, and we can't lose anything." The cadre employees of the business unit reached a consensus. Therefore, the business department found Li Fengmin, the chief operating officer of the boxing operation area, set up a three-person development team, and repeatedly communicated with Hafei Company, and finally produced qualified products.

The success of the first single contract not only made the packaging business department taste the sweetness, but also strengthened their confidence in continuing to promote online marketing. But at the same time, they also realized that the website can only passively wait for the user's attention and cannot take the initiative. As a result, they turned their attention to the WeChat platform that has gradually emerged in recent years. Li Haitao, the manager of the business unit, released the information of the business department to his circle of friends in accordance with the popular method. Unexpectedly, after several times of forwarding, the news was seen by employees of Chinalco Shandong Co., Ltd., and Shandong Co., Ltd. was looking for a box partner for export products. After establishing the contact, Shandong Co., Ltd. immediately sent people to the business unit for inspection. In order to retain the contract and continue to expand the market, the division immediately decided to use the price to force the cost, calculate it step by step, and finally stood out among the many competitors, successfully won the bid and signed the largest in the history of the packaging division. A single export contract.

From the province to the province, from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, although only two contracts have been completed, the marketing of the Internet has brought about tremendous changes to the external market development of the packaging division, and the larger is the packaging business. The perception of the staff of the department - that is, the business is no longer a product, but a user. When the business unit cooperated with Shandong Co., Ltd., in order to reduce the volume and reduce the transportation cost, an agreement was reached with Shandong Co., Ltd., and the semi-finished products were provided by the business department. After the transportation to Shandong, the subsequent nailing work was completed. In this way, Shandong Co., Ltd. reduced the purchase price, and the division also reduced the production cost, reduced the freight rate, and achieved satisfactory results for both the company and the user.

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