The height of the automotive sheet technology can be different from the previous level by 20 years.
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There are four high-end or high-precision products in today's aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets: aerospace panels, automotive panels, CTP substrates, and tank panels. By 1012, China's CT..........
       There are four high-end or high-precision products in today's aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets: aerospace panels, automotive panels, CTP substrates, and tank panels. By 1012, China's CTP substrates and tank plates have been ranked among the world's first, not only to meet domestic demand, but also to export and participate in the international market competition; but the first two products are still far from the world's leading level, aviation Space boards may differ by 30 years, while car boards may be 20 years old. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology listed two materials and plates as key products in the “12th Five-Year Development Plan for New Materials Industry” and proposed to industrially produce intensively processed products. The so-called intensive processing products are: aluminum processing enterprises provide users with flat products (plates, strips, foils) that are no longer primary, but can be assembled on the finely processed assembly line that meets the user's requirements or after a little processing. The product.

         In 2011, the demand for global automotive aluminum alloy manned body panels (excluding trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, vans, special vehicles, etc.) was about 250 kt. China is still unable to produce, 70% of which is nausea. Nolis), Alcoa, Hydro Aluminium, and the rest are produced by companies in Japan and other companies. The countries that can be produced are the United States, Germany, Japan, France, South Korea, etc.

         In the mid-1980s, China's northeast light alloy factory began to develop the production of door panels for manned vehicles. Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. has done a lot of pioneering work in the production of body panels, and put into production in December 2009. The first bodyboard production line in China; Xuzhou Finance Aluminum Heat Transfer Co., Ltd. has made great progress in researching and developing automotive 6×××-covering panels with Chongqing Automobile Research Institute and China University of Mining and Technology. However, these achievements are only the first step. The plates produced are materials, and the industrial production of fine-processed sheet metal parts has a long period of time with a group of automobile alloys with Chinese characteristics and independent intellectual property rights. The road is going.

         The reason why China's automobile body panels can not be industrialized, there are reasons for equipment, but also for technical and management reasons, but more importantly, insufficient investment in research and development, insufficient research and development, technical level needs to be improved, and research and development strength is not enough. Kind, and so on. Nowadays, the equipment for producing automobile strictly rolled products has been solved. It has the world's advanced ingot hot rolling equipment and finishing equipment, but it is also lacking or not enough equipment: precision cutting line, punch bending, friction stir welding, CNC machining Special testing methods, etc., can not provide users with deep processing sheet metal parts.

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