The price of space aluminum pendants is lower, understand the double-cut back bolt connection
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Many users of space aluminum pendants are still not very familiar with it. They always think that this is a general aluminum pendant product, but the space aluminum pendant we live in is ind..........
Many users of space aluminum pendants are still not very familiar with it. They always think that this is a general aluminum pendant product, but the space aluminum pendant we live in is indeed the best quality space aluminum, and will not participate in any bad materials. Now Just give a brief expression to everyone.

As long as friends who make space aluminum bathroom accessories and friends who buy space aluminum bathroom accessories know that the price of space aluminum bathroom accessories on the market is much lower than that of two years ago, this is indeed a fact. According to this fact, many friends Will sigh: "The manufacturers of space aluminum pendants are developed" because the previous price is almost a quarter more than the current price, and now the price cuts so much, manufacturers still have the same profit. In other words, the previous quarter is the net profit of the manufacturer.

Here, we have to give our friends the answer: "The profit of our space aluminum pendant manufacturers is far from being so high. Why is the current price so much different from the previous one? It is mainly the introduction and production technology of automatic machines in the last two years. Improvement, that is to say, the current production efficiency is much higher than two years ago. Many of the processes that had to be manually processed are now represented by machines, so the price has dropped a lot compared with two years ago. Other technical aspects are also because of the previous technology. Poor, high scrap rate, etc., resulting in high production costs.

Therefore, the price of space aluminum alloy pendants is so low, the production efficiency is improved, the cost of the manufacturer is low, and the price of all products becomes cheaper.

In fact, the back bolt we use in our life is a very practical product. It can be used in many places, but many people only know the technology of using this product, but they have never understood the stone curtain wall technology of double-cut back bolt connection.

1. The technical principle of the stone curtain wall connected by the double-section back bolt is to cut four bottom-faced cavities with controllable plate thickness by non-destructive high-speed cutting on the back of the stone board with special tools, and the flexible cavity is installed in the cavity. The anchor bolt of the gasket is then closely connected with the curtain wall keel through the connecting member (hanging piece). Under the action of the cushioning cushion, the dynamic load has strong fatigue resistance, wide application range and strong seismic performance. Effectively improve the shear and seismic performance of stone curtain walls.

2, double-section back bolt refers to the diamond drill bit through the two holes of the extension hole and the cut-off tolerance, the hole is enlarged at the bottom of the cut hole of the stone, and the excess thickness is cut off on the back surface of the stone, and then the back bolt is inserted into the hole. The rear fixed pendant is connected to the keel.

3. Large-size stone dry hanging with a size larger than 1.5m×1.5m should adopt group anchor technology. The group anchor is to add anchor bolts at a single hanging point when a single anchor bolt cannot satisfy the bearing capacity at a single hanging point.

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