320 gram aluminum air battery can charge Apple mobile phone about 60 times
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"The air can also be converted into electricity? Is this magic?" "This is not magic." On the 20th, at the Yunnan Science and Technology Achievements Conference (Yunnan Metallurgical Group), ..........
"The air can also be converted into electricity? Is this magic?" "This is not magic." On the 20th, at the Yunnan Science and Technology Achievements Conference (Yunnan Metallurgical Group), when the chairman and party secretary of Yunnan Metallurgical Group After pouring the electrolyte into a box forever, something unexpected happened - the LED light on the box suddenly turned on. After watching the guests and reporters in the audience, they were very curious and gave warm applause. This is the aluminum air portable power source developed by Yunnan Metallurgical Group. In the future, when people go out for tourism and adventure, just bring this battery, and then bring a few replacement aluminum plates and salt, so that the mobile phone and ipad are not powered. On the same day, together with the air battery, there are three technologies and products of chlorinated titanium dioxide, electronic grade polysilicon and ultra-thin aluminum foil.

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Aluminum air battery can turn into electricity by adding salt water

Many people have such a question in their hearts. Why are the hardware parameters of smartphones soaring today, but the most concerned battery life technology has not kept pace?

On the afternoon of the 20th, Yunnan Province's major scientific and technological achievements conference showed four new technologies and new products of Yunnan Metallurgical Group.

Among the four new technologies and new products, the most eye-catching is the aluminum air battery. Tian Yong said that the principle of the product is that aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air to release electrons. The battery has the advantages of long cruising range, low production cost, environmental protection, easy recycling, and fast charging speed.

Someone on the spot asked: "Does this battery need to be replaced?" Tian Yong said that after using this product for a period of time, the public only needs to replace the aluminum plate. The aluminum plate is very cheap and can be recycled. If the electrolyte is used, the edible salt is used. Add water to it. Compared with the charging treasures that are commonly used by the public today, aluminum air batteries require fewer links to find power supplies.

How about its power? A 320-gram battery with a charge of 115 amps can charge an Apple phone for about 60 times; an electrolyte can be used for 10 hours, and an aluminum plate can be used for 100 hours.

The battery can also be used in the fields of communication base stations, military, etc. At the same time, compared with the batteries used in electric vehicles and electric cars, the battery is lighter in weight and more powerful. The product is expected to be launched at the end of September, and the public will be able to purchase it.

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Ultra-thin aluminum foil is included in the National 863 Program

Titanium chloride white powder is currently recognized as the best white pigment in the world, and it is widely used in coatings, plastics, inks, paper, ceramics and other fields. The key core technology for the production of chlorinated titanium dioxide has long been blocked by foreign countries. Through scientific and technological innovation, Yunnan Metallurgical Group has broken through the key core technologies of the industrial production series of chlorinated titanium dioxide, and has established a domestic and world-class chlorinated titanium dioxide production line. Through the introduction of international advanced technology digestion and integration innovation, the 60,000 tons/titanium dioxide project successfully produced full-process chlorination products in 2013, which changed the history of China's high-end titanium dioxide, which can only rely on imports, and won the top ten technologies in Yunnan Province. Progress honor.

Polysilicon is a key material for integrated circuits and photovoltaic power generation. The company's 3,000-ton/year polysilicon industrialization project has stably produced electronic-grade products. It has been fully tested by the domestic and foreign authorities for analysis and testing and customer use, and fully meets the "electronic-grade polysilicon" grade. And the use of semiconductor industry requirements, technology and quality domestically leading, successfully entered the semiconductor and integrated circuit market that has been monopolized by foreign countries.

Aluminum foil is mainly used in electronics, power capacitors, packaging, etc. The ultra-thin aluminum foil with a thickness of generally less than 0.2 mm and less than or equal to 0.005 mm is an important raw material for capacitor products. Yunnan Metallurgical Group successfully prepared ultra-thin aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.0045/0.005 mm by using cast-rolled billets. This technology breaks through the traditional process route of producing aluminum foil of 0.005 mm or less in the world by hot-rolled billet, which fills a gap in China's industrial technology field and is recognized as “the world's first and domestic leader” by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. The ultra-thin aluminum foil was included in the 2013 national key new product, and the “casting and rolling method for preparing high-end electronic aluminum foil” project was included in the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” 863.

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