Aluminum Alloy Anodizing Product Information
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Anodized product informationProduction materialproduct typeProduct category colorMaximum workpiece sizeOxide film range2000 series 3000 series 6000 series 7000 series, etc.Extruded aluminum ..........
Anodized product information

Production material

product type

Product category color

Maximum workpiece size

Oxide film range

2000 series 3000 series 6000 series 7000 series, etc.

Extruded aluminum profiles

        Die-cast aluminum profiles

Electrolytic black oxidation, electrolytic bronze oxidation, natural oxidation, alkali scrubbing oxidation, bright surface oxidation, sandblasting oxidation, hard oxidation, multicolor dyeing (black, blue, gold, purple, red, imitation stainless steel, etc.) New color systems can be developed according to customer requirements.

7.2 m * 0.4 m * 2.8 m

Ordinary anodizing ≤25μm

        Hard anodizing ≤70μm

 The anodizing workshop was established in 2005. It has large scale, advanced equipment and strong technical force. It has 4 production lines of automatic, semi-automatic and manual, large and small, mainly engaged in aluminum and aluminum alloy sandblasting, ordinary anodizing and hard anode. Surface treatment such as oxidation, electrolytic coloring, monochromatic dyeing, and multicolor dyeing. Our surface treatment products are of high quality and can pass a variety of stringent performance tests (such as neutral salt spray test, weight loss test, PH13.5, etc.), which can be widely used in construction, medical, home improvement, IT, sports. Equipment, automobiles, high-speed rail and aerospace.


  Surface treatment of anodizing aluminum alloy products

  It can handle aluminum materials of various materials, such as 3000 series, 6000 series and 7000 series. It can handle both extruded aluminum products and die-cast aluminum products.

        The aluminum alloy oxidation workshop has a large scale and can handle large products (6.5 m * 0.4 m * 2.8 m), and the load can be 1.5 tons. The site is equipped with multiple shot blasting machines, among which the large-scale shot blasting machine can perform shot blasting of 6.5 meters long products. Shot blasting sand can be used from 0.15mm to 0.3mm, allowing the product to exhibit a variety of different sanding effects. It can be thick film anodized with a film thickness of up to 30μm and a high temperature resistance of at least 250°C without fading. Electrolytic coloring and chemical dyeing can be used to meet various color requirements of customers. Among them, two-color anodizing (two different colors of the same product) can show the wonderful visual effect of the product.

         The surface treated products of aluminum alloy can be widely used in interior decoration, daily necessities, home appliance casings, outdoor buildings, sports equipment and other fields.

Two-color anode treatment

Hard oxidation treatment

Sandblasting (0.3mm stainless steel sand) treatment

Sandblasting (0.15mm stainless steel sand) treatment

Electrolytic coloring

Bright anode treatment

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