In the future, the competition of the 6061 aluminum alloy enterprise will become more intense
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6061 aluminum alloy is a high-quality aluminum alloy produced by heat treatment pre-stretching process. Its strength can not be compared with 2XXX series or 7XXX series, but its magnesium an..........
6061 aluminum alloy is a high-quality aluminum alloy produced by heat treatment pre-stretching process. Its strength can not be compared with 2XXX series or 7XXX series, but its magnesium and silicon alloys have many characteristics, and it has excellent processing performance and excellent welding characteristics. It has excellent characteristics such as electroplating property, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, no deformation after processing, compact and defect-free materials, easy polishing, easy color film, and excellent oxidation effect.

The main alloying elements of 6061 aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon, and form a Mg2Si phase. If it contains a certain amount of manganese and chromium, it can neutralize the bad effect of iron; sometimes a small amount of copper or zinc is added to increase the strength of the alloy without significantly reducing the corrosion resistance; there is still a small amount in the conductive material. Copper to offset the adverse effects of titanium and iron on conductivity; zirconium or titanium can refine grains and control recrystallized structure; in order to improve machinability, lead and antimony can be added. The Mg2Si is solid-dissolved in aluminum, which gives the alloy an artificial age hardening function. The main alloying elements in 6061 aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon, which have medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and good oxidation effect.

In 2015, the national 6061 aluminum alloy trade loan was 1.89 trillion yuan, and the proportion of aluminum alloy trade loans in the entire bank loan was as high as 3.5%, of which the Shanghai steel trade industry raised 160 billion yuan to the bank. With the sudden drop in profits of non-aluminum alloy enterprises, even Zhang Changfu, executive vice president of China Steel Association, had to admit that from the perspective of international and domestic macroeconomic situation and market demand, domestic steel enterprises should be prepared for long-term wintering.

Sheng Zhicheng believes that this is an opportunity for the market elimination law to be effective. He said that the future competition of aluminum alloy enterprises will become more intense.

The sudden drop in profits has pushed Chinese steel companies to the “edge of life and death”. Enterprises must accelerate structural adjustment and respond to them so as not to be eliminated by the market.

An Haixuan said that the internal profitability will be weakened, the internal economic environment will be sluggish, and foreign raw materials will continue to rise. China's steel enterprises will face a situation of "internal and diplomatic difficulties" in the future.

Guo Zhaohui also expressed concern about the prospects of seamless aluminum tube enterprises. He believes that "some enterprises will die in the future, which is affirmative." For many years, despite the low environmental costs and low labor costs, the benefits of some aluminum alloy companies do not seem to be low. "The key is to look at the national policy." In Guo Zhaohui's view, "If the state strictly enforces the environmental protection law, labor law and tax law, the aluminum companies that fall first should be poorly managed state-owned enterprises and private enterprises."

An Haixuan is worried that the economic situation has not improved significantly. China's aluminum alloy industry has not stabilized and rebounded. In the short term, it is difficult for the company's operating conditions to turn around. China's aluminum companies are indeed difficult in the future.

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