Market demand growth, aluminum lead is expected to lead the colored plate
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September is the traditional peak season. In addition to rare earths, the non-ferrous sector commodities are generally on the rise. As October is still a traditional peak season, the market ..........
September is the traditional peak season. In addition to rare earths, the non-ferrous sector commodities are generally on the rise. As October is still a traditional peak season, the market demand will have a new round of growth, coupled with the recent “9.11 overrun overload order” released in the transportation sector will increase the cost of metal transportation, and the non-ferrous sector will be supported. The respondents expect the market performance in October to be better than September. Among them, aluminum is most affected by poor transportation. Enterprises have adopted rail transportation due to the increase in automobile freight rates, which has caused railway transportation in Xinjiang to be in a state of tension, which is expected to boost aluminum prices. The lead price is expected to continue to strengthen due to the shrinking supply of lead or refined lead.

Chinalco: China's largest alumina producer and China's largest primary aluminum producer, with alumina production ranking second in the world and internationally competitive. The company has 10 branches and 1 research institute, and has 12 major holding subsidiaries. The corporate credit rating is rated BBB+ by Standard & Poor's. The company's products are mainly alumina and electrolytic aluminum, and its controlling shareholder, Chinalco, is integrating upstream and downstream resources.

Yun Aluminum: It is one of the 14 key aluminum companies in China. The main business is the production and sales of aluminum smelting, aluminum processing products, carbon and carbon products. It actively relies on Yunnan's unique advantages in aluminum resources and clean energy, and relies on the company's technology and management advantages to accelerate the construction of bauxite mining, alumina. Production, electrolytic aluminum smelting and aluminum deep processing as one of the complete aluminum industry chain.

Zhongfu Industry: It is a modern large-scale enterprise integrating deep processing of electricity, aluminum and aluminum. Electricity is one of the main costs of electrolytic aluminum production. The comprehensive cost competitiveness of the company's aluminum and electricity integration is very obvious, and the electricity consumption per ton of aluminum is very high. It is much lower than the general electrolytic aluminum plant. Through the establishment of Zhongfu Power, the company will integrate the two core assets of aluminum and electricity to maintain the comprehensive cost advantage of the company's “aluminum and electricity integration”.

Zhuye Group: The company is a major comprehensive zinc production enterprise in China. The annual production capacity of electric zinc is 250,000 tons and 180,000 tons of sulfuric acid. It is the largest zinc and zinc alloy production and export base in China and the largest wet method in Asia. One of the zinc smelting companies. The company's total output of deep processing products is 40%, and the comprehensive recovery rate is over 72%, which is at the leading level among domestic and foreign counterparts. In addition, rare metals include gold, silver, indium, blister copper, and the like. As the largest lead and zinc producer in China, the company plans to produce 430,000 tons of electric zinc and 96,000 tons of lead in 2009. Among them, the direct oxygen enrichment direct leaching plan will produce about 40,000 tons of zinc, which is higher than the lead and zinc production in 2008. 6.91%.

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