The trend of “taking aluminum to replace wood” brings the human settlement green revolution
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As we all know, aluminum alloy profiles are a new type of structural material with light weight, high strength and environmental protection. Because of its excellent mechanical properties an..........
As we all know, aluminum alloy profiles are a new type of structural material with light weight, high strength and environmental protection. Because of its excellent mechanical properties and processing properties, the trend of “alloying aluminum” has gradually emerged in the field of architectural furniture. Next, a brief introduction to the development of aluminum alloy profile furniture:


Due to the unique mechanical properties of aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum alloy profiles have various structural forms, which are mainly classified into fixed type, disassembled type and folded type.




The fixed type combines the various parts of the furniture by welding. It is characterized by uniform force and good stability, which reduces the installation process, but takes up a large space, which is not conducive to storage, packaging and transportation.




The folding type can be divided into a folding type and a stacking type. Commonly used in aluminum alloy profile furniture for tables and chairs. Using the principle of the planar linkage mechanism, the connection is the main form, and the shape of the furniture is changed by the rivet folding, which has the characteristics of small occupied space, convenient storage, easy transportation, and convenient carrying.


Disassembly type


The disassembled aluminum alloy profile furniture consists of metal components, auxiliary components, and connectors. The components and components are linked by bolts, screws, and nuts. Disassembly type is the most common structural form of aluminum alloy profile furniture. Because the disassembly structure is applied to the design of industrial design principles, the standardization, generalization and serialization are not seen, which simplifies the specification of parts. The ground extends the service life of the equipment, reduces the cost of the product, and adapts to modern large-scale industrial production. It is also the direction of furniture design and production of aluminum alloy profiles in the future.


Development status of aluminum alloy profile furniture


1The degree of franchization is still in its infancy


The concept of all-aluminum furniture is now proposed, but there is still some distance from the mature production line. Like some of the more important aluminum manufacturers, its main business is still mainly aluminum profile doors and windows, industrial aluminum profiles, curtain wall aluminum profiles. However, I believe that in the future, with the strict control of the aluminum industry's production capacity and the development direction of aluminum applications, all-aluminum furniture will have a relatively large future development.


2 less product types


At present, the aluminum profile furniture on the market is mainly office furniture, outdoor furniture and storage furniture such as wardrobes and cabinets. The product types are relatively simple and the degree of serialization is not high.


3 product homogenization


Aluminum alloy furniture is different from wooden furniture. The development of wooden furniture has specific high-end and low-end measurement standards. High-end wooden furniture is distinguished from the low-end, with standards such as color, log materials and process treatment. However, the shape of aluminum alloy furniture on the market is still in the stage of exploration, the structure of furniture style is not yet mature, and the innovation ability and design ability of aluminum furniture products have much room for improvement.


Material is the material basis of furniture. The appearance of aluminum alloy profile furniture provides a sustainable development economy for the future modernization, and also provides an introduction port for future green home life. As a green metal, aluminum is bound to be widely used in furniture products.

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