Aluminum alloys are related to the development of high-tech weapons
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Soldiers riding ultra-quiet electric motorcycles can quietly and quickly approach the enemy, giving the enemy a sudden attack. According to the US "Stars and Stripes" report on June 1, 2017,..........
Soldiers riding ultra-quiet electric motorcycles can quietly and quickly approach the enemy, giving the enemy a sudden attack. According to the US "Stars and Stripes" report on June 1, 2017, this motorcycle has been successfully developed and is close to service. It is developed and manufactured by the American company Luo Gesi. They have been developing a hybrid off-road motorcycle called Silent Eagle, which is currently developing a hybrid motorcycle with all-electric motorcycles and a lighter air-cooled engine. Ultra-quiet electric motorcycles must be sturdy and lightweight, and should be front-wheel-drived to make it easier to drive on steep mountains and sand, or to provide greater traction when driving on the beach. At present, titanium, aluminum and composite materials are the basic materials for the manufacture of such motorcycles. The key components are titanium or composite materials, and the secondary components can be made of high-strength 7075 alloy or 7078 alloy.

The prototype of the "Silent Eagle" motorcycle is an entertainment type off-road motorcycle. Its cost is 15,000 yuan and the quality is 121kg. The ultra-quiet electric motorcycle will be heavier due to the addition of some functions, but it will not exceed 135kg. The cruising range is 80km.

Aluminium: Achievement of China's fastest amphibious armored vehicle in the world According to the British "Daily Mail" website (June 9, 2017) and China's "Reference News" reported on June 11, 2017, China is developing the world's fastest amphibious Armored vehicles are made of light materials. What are the light materials used in the report, but the use of one of the four commonly used lightweight materials (aluminum, magnesium, titanium and composite materials), from the current state of the art In terms of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy is the material of choice for the manufacture of amphibious armored vehicles. Because it has the best cost performance, amphibious armored vehicles must run on land and in rivers and lakes. It must have strong resistance to various waters. Sex, while at the same time satisfying the structural performance, should also have the lowest possible density to reduce the net quality of the car, so it can be said with certainty that its boat-shaped shell is welded with 5XXX series aluminum alloy plates, its The armor plate is also machined from aluminum alloy slabs. The five-wheel-drive amphibious armored vehicle developed in China has a top speed of 50km/h in calm water, far ahead of the fastest amphibious armored vehicle in the United States at 9.7km/h, which is about 4.2 times faster than the latter. At the world's leading level. This amphibious armored vehicle was developed by Beijing North China Vehicle Research Institute and manufactured by North China Industrial Company. The car body is V-shaped, which can significantly reduce the resistance of the water flow and help to resist the attack of the improvised explosive device. Its wheels are retractable, and a small water jet propulsion unit is placed next to the wheels to help the vehicle reach its destination and maintain its maximum speed faster. The car has a self-weight of only 5.5 tons without or without a weapon. This is the result of exquisite design and aluminum alloy materials. The "China Defense Blog" reported: "Even with armor and full frame installed The mass production version of the weapon, it is likely to still reach 18km / h - 28km / h amphibious speed.

The BMD airborne combat vehicle that the Russian army can destroy the tank is the Russian airborne combat vehicle BMD for the aluminum alloy. The US National Interest bimonthly website calls it the "flight" armored vehicle. It is the secret weapon of the Russian army. It is in the Soviet Union. The BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle introduced in 1966 was improved on the basis of the manufacture. The BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle is airborne and can provide the mechanized infantry with the firepower of the ground and ground forces. It is equipped with a machine gun, an anti-tank missile launcher and a 173mm low-pressure gun. The size of the BMD-1 tank made by Volgograd in Russia is smaller than that of the imported BMP-1, and its quality is also lighter. Because its outer casing is made of aluminum alloy, the armor of the hanging should also be aluminum alloy. Thick plate, and its weapons are not reduced at all, and there are two additional machine guns on both sides of the front of the vehicle. The BMD-1 is only 8 tons in mass and its front length is significantly shorter than that of the BMP-1. Its maximum speed is 80km/h, which is 25% faster than the BMP-1. As early as in the Soviet era, a special rocket parachute was designed for this airborne vehicle. The touch rod hanging under the BMD chassis will trigger the retrograde when it touches the ground, making the final landing speed drop to a safe level. 6m/s.

Russia is forming four airborne divisions, each with 6,500 people, and 330 BMDs - Type 1 vehicles. In addition to the BMD-1 type of Russian tanks, the Volgograd vehicle manufacturing plant currently produces dozens of BMDs - 4M and BTR - MDM armored personnel carriers each year. Due to their amphibious combat capabilities, these new tanks will be in service with the Russian Marine Corps. China Gear Industry Group Jiangyan Electromechanical Group Co., Ltd. recently produced a key component of the airdrop tank - the reducer housing was forged by Jiangsu Haoran Spray Forming Alloy Co., Ltd. with spray-formed 7055 alloy. It is said that Jiangyan Company uses injection-molded 7055 aluminum alloy parts in large quantities on new airdrop tanks and amphibious armored vehicles that will be developed and produced. 7055 alloy is a high-strength alloy, an American alloy. It was registered in the American Aluminum Association in 1991. Its calibration component (% by mass): 0.10Si, 0.15Fe, 2.0Cu - 2.6Cu, 0.05Mn, 1.8 Mg - 2.3Mg, 0.04Cr, 7.6Zn - 8.4Zn, 0.06Ti, 0.08Zr - 0.25Zr, other impurities a single 0.05, a total of 0.15, the remaining Al.

        China's "Black Cyclone" armed helicopter aluminum dominates China's newly developed straight -19E is a light armed helicopter. It was first publicly exhibited in Harbin, Heilongjiang on September 8, 2015. It is completely developed and researched by China Aviation Industry Corporation. Harbin Aircraft Industry Manufactured by the Group Co., Ltd., it is an export-oriented narrow-body two-seat dedicated helicopter. According to reports, the Straight-19E is an improved version of the Straight-19 armed helicopter. The latter is 12m long, 4.01m high, with a maximum takeoff quality of 4.5 tons, a cruising speed of 245km/h, a top speed of 305km/h and a range of 800km. The Straight-19E is a light-armed helicopter with a maximum takeoff quality of >4 tons. It is light in weight and has a clear advantage in cruising speed and climb rate. It can destroy the world's most powerful tanks and other ground targets, and is equally suitable for Ground forces provide air support or defense against other low-altitude flight targets with superior operational performance. In the structural materials of the straight-19E, although some composite materials are used, the aluminum alloy still dominates, accounting for more than 60%, and four air-to-ground missiles are mounted thereon, as well as multi-tube rocket launchers. In a short time, more than a dozen rockets were inclined to the enemy. Without the aluminum powder, there is no "father of bombs" and "mother of bombs". The so-called "father of bombs" or "mother of bombs" is their blockbuster with an explosion equivalent of more than 10 tons of TNT. The United States made a big bomb of 11 tons of GBU-43/B more than a decade ago. It was the biggest bomb at that time, and people called it the "mother of bombs." Not long ago, the United States put a "mother of bombs" (MOAB) in Afu juice, destroying a series of cave facilities built by the "Islamic State." On September 7, 2017, the Russian Air Force dropped the precision-guided world's largest bomb to a command post and a communications center of the "Islamic State" in Darzul, Syria, equivalent to 44 tons of TNT equivalent, known as "Father of the bomb" to distinguish it from the "mother of bombs" of the United States. TNT is an abbreviation for trinitro-toluene, often called TNT or yellow explosive. The conventional bomb contains such explosives, usually only tens to hundreds of kg. This time, a "father of bombs" not only smashed an organization of the "Islamic State" organization and a communication center, but also killed more than 40 militants, including the "Islamic Minister" of the "Islamic State" organization. Gul Murod Khalimov and the main commander Mohamed Shemali. Why is the "mother of bombs" and "father of bombs" so powerful? Because they are hot-pressed weapons, the official name is an air-explosive hot-press enhanced bomb. The internal explosive is a mixture of fine ethylene oxide powder and aluminum powder. When it is put into the air, it will be blown up in the air and thrown in the air. The formation of a huge cloud of explosives, immediately detonated, in addition to the high temperature released by the explosion, it will also produce fatal pressure waves, which have a significant destructive effect on the closed work of the caves and bunkers. Some people think that the power of the "father of bombs" can be compared with tactical nuclear weapons. Although this kind of cognition is somewhat exaggerated, it is not nonsense, because the lethality of the "father of bombs" with a bomb equivalent of 44 tons and a tactic The difference in nuclear weapons is not very large. The explosive equivalent of the W48 warhead of the US 155mm caliber M454 type nuclear projectile is 70 tons - 100 tons. Investing in the "father of bombs" or "mother of bombs" cannot use ordinary bombers, and must be modified to fit into these two giant bombs. Britain’s “mother of bombs” has been invested in Afghanistan, all from the loading and unloading ramp of the modified C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, and Russia’s 2007 test of the “father of bombs” is An Air Force's Tu-160 "Jolly Roger" bomber, but when it was launched in Syria, was also dropped from the loading and unloading ramp of a transport plane. According to the existing media reports, although China has not yet developed an air-explosive bomb such as the "mother of bombs" and the "father of bombs", China has also made remarkable achievements in the development of air-explosive bombs. At the 2012 Zhuhai Air Show, China Ordnance Group exhibited a 1:1 solid model of the CS/BB F-1 250kg air fuel bomb. The data show that the bomb is mainly used to combat various types of non-hard (soft) targets and semi-hard targets that are sensitive to the impact of ultra-high pressure on the ground or water. The damage function mainly consists of ethylene oxide powder and aluminum powder formed by secondary detonation. Mixed cloud mist, or a liquid mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum nitrate explodes intense aluminothermic reaction and chemically reacts with air, resulting in high energy density, large damage area, and many damage factors. According to the staff of the air show site, the 250kg air-explosive bomb is not the smallest, and it can be invested by the 6-machine and the Il 76. It can be seen that the domestic large-scale fuel air bomb should be comparable to the US BLU-82. The BLU-82 bomb is the largest bomb used in the US battlefield in Vietnam in 1970. It is 360cm long, 140cm in diameter, weighs 6.8 tons, and contains 5.715 tons of ammonium nitrate. A colloidal explosive composed of aluminum powder and polystyrene fatty acid, which can produce an ultra-high pressure of 70kg/cm2 during the explosion, and within 60m in diameter, all the smoldering will disappear, and all combustibles within a few hundred meters will be turned into Ashes can cause people in the range of 160m in diameter (about 8722m2 area) to lose their combat power. The BLU-82 air-bomb is placed at a height of ≥2000m and has a small parachute at the end. China's CS/BBF-1 bomb is close to the production year, its tail is in the tail and the control wing for precision guidance, so it has at least inertial guidance. The air-burning bomb forms a vacuum environment through the overpressure and extremely high temperature generated during the explosion to extinguish all living targets in the explosion range. Even without any shrapnel, the explosion zone is finally ruined, but rescuers can enter after the explosion.

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