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15-5PH is a martensitic, precipitation hardening, chromium-nickel-copper stainless steel with good surface smoothness and dimensional stability. Good processing technology, excellent mechanical properties, resistance to general corrosion environment. The steel clock began to be promoted as early as the mid-nineties.

This steel has good strength, transverse toughness and ductility, hardness and corrosion resistance equivalent to 304 stainless steel.

15-5pH can obtain various properties under heat treatment conditions.

Chinese name 15-5PH Tensile strength σb(MN/m2) >=550 Yield strength σs(MN/m2) >=200 Elongation δ5(%)>=40 Shrinkage rate ψ(%)>=55

chemical composition

15-5PH contains carbon (C) 0.07,

Silicon (Si) 1.00,

15-5PH stainless steel

15-5PH stainless steel

Manganese (Mn) 1.00,

Phosphorus (P) 0.040,

Sulfur (S) 0.030,

Nickel (Ni) 3.50-5.50,

Chromium (Cr) 14.00-15.50,

Copper (Cu) 2.50-4.50,

Niobium (Nb) 0.15-0.45,


Mechanical behavior

Tensile strength σb(MN/m2) >=550

Yield strength σs(MN/m2) >=200

Elongation δ5 (%)>=40

Shrinkage ψ(%)>=55

Hardness: ≤187HB; ≤90HRB; ≤200HV

If used for high temperature of 700℃, 15-5PH should be competent, because it is both austenitic stainless steel and austenitic hot-strength steel that is widely used, but it is best not to exceed 750℃, and its heat treatment is solid Melting treatment, that is, heating to above 1000°C, water quenching after holding for a certain period of time, and then using 60~100°C higher than the use temperature for aging.