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Meijun Metals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

Company Profile

1. Company profile

        In order to meet and expand the domestic market demand,Meijun Metals(shanghai).Inc. can better serve modern enterprises and truly reflect the company's business philosophy of "customer-centric". The company invested 35 million US dollars in 2013 to establish advanced factories in China in Guangzhou and Chengdu to provide customers with the best services and products.

       Meijun Metal (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lai Su Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and has been committed to the sale of aviation aluminum alloy materials and industrial aluminum alloy materials for many years, and to Chinese scientific research institutions and aerospace operations. , Nautical operations, high-precision industrial manufacturing enterprises provide high-quality products and services. In addition, our company Meijun officially represents the Italian ALA company's sales in China, and its products include aviation standard parts, electrical components, small tools and so on. ALA is currently the world's fourth largest distributor of aviation standard parts, and has the qualifications of all complete aircraft companies, such as Boeing, Airbus, Alitalia, Bombardier, etc.;

        Passed AS9100D aviation quality management system certification for imported aluminum alloy distributors, built 6S warehouse, three companies under its control: Meijun Metal (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Meijun Metal Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Office, Sichuan Meihang Metal Co., Ltd., nationwide Five warehouses-warehousing cutting service center, stocks are sufficient;

 20 years of Fortune 500 customer service experience

 20 years of global factory authenticity guarantee, each batch of products has a warranty issued by the original factory

 Domestic advanced equipment guarantees good machining accuracy

 5 warehouses across the country guarantee sufficient inventory

 The world's top technical strength provides customers with first-class technical support

 Provide customers with "zero inventory" and "door-to-door" "one-stop" service



Fake goods will be compensated for ten, and the original material book will be provided,

The product has quality defects, it will be exchanged within 48 hours

Customer needs and complaints, 1 hour feedback, 4 hours to set up a project team, and propose solutions

Confirm the order and complete the product delivery within 24 hours


2. Main Products

         1. AA5083, 5080, AA5754 aluminum alloy sheet

         2. AA7075, AA7150, AA7175, AA7050, AA6061, AA6082, AA4047, AA4032, AA2024, AA2124, AA2139, AA2168, AA2198, AA2050 plate + bar

         3. Cast aluminum, forged aluminum, aluminum-lithium alloy, bullet-proof armored aluminum plate, honeycomb aluminum plate


Three global cooperative brands

           1 Alcoa Arconic

           2 Kaiser, USA

           3 Constellium (Alcan)

           4 Germany Alimex

           5 Amag

           6 Aleris

           7 KUMZ, Russia